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We really believe that good barrier is the essential of having a healthy skin. From tons of clinical experience, Dr. Angus has seen a lot of patients suffer from unhealthy barrier as showed in the frame b in Graph 1, having many skin issues, like peeling, itching, redness, sagging, even early stage of Eczema. Usually, moisturizers only have 12% oil at most as the base which is not sufficient for dry skin to lock the water, especially under harsh weather. And it is difficult to find a simple formula that can just do one thing: preventing skin from water-loss without irritating. Although Vaseline may be a good option for some people, it is too heavy and greasy. Also, it may clog the pore. Then we found “Squalane oil” that perfectly does one thing without any cons: sealing the skin, preventing from water-loss. Then the barrier will be built.  

skin barrier structure



Why Squalane?


Because of its small size, it wouldn't clog the pore to cause pimples.


Squalene is proved for anti-inflammation in many scientific articles. Although Squalene doesn't have double bonds, it still keeps the function of anti-inflammation.

-Locking water beneath the skin

Many doctors/dermatologists recommend Vaseline as the SOS cream for the problematic skin because they believe Vaseline, aka pure petroleum jelly, would not interact with skin but seal the skin perfectly to prevent from water loss. Sugar cane derived Squalane is as safe as Vaseline, but is natural, and can retain water perfectly.


Squalane can be apply on disorder skin, like sensitive skin, eczema, rosacea etc, as is proved in many scientific articles. This is why many dermatologists recommended Squalane to their patients. Especially sugar cane derived Squalane doesn't have impurities that could be irritants.

  1. PS. We know that some of you may still have concerns because there is no any 100% safe medicine, neither cosmetics. So, if you still have the concern, please try the products on your arm skin first before applying to face. :) On the other hand, purest Squalane doesn’t react with other ingredients. This is the reason you can mix SHRAY Squalane with your original lotion/cream to make the product more moisturized. (For usage, please see USAGE tab for details.)

Why is SHRAY Squalane excellent?

SHRAY Squalane derived from Sugar Cane with ECOCERT and USDA organic certificate

The truth you need to know if that 100% pure Squalane may still contain different impurities, depending on the source of the squalene raw material

Squalene from OLIVE OIL wastes can be contaminated with by-products from processing—including plant waxes, free fatty acids, phytosterols and neutralization by-products. Free fatty acids can irritate the follicle, causing pimples (acnes). Moreover, the impurities from its biosynthesis, such as low volatility triacyl glycerols and glyceryl ethers, and up to 0.1% of the C19 hydrocarbon pristane, as severe irritants.

Squalane derived from SUGAR CANE, are produced by fermentation process with the yeast. The Squalane from sugar cane with this process won't have the impurities as we mentioned above. It only has other different forms of Squalane around 6%, called isomer, that wouldn't cause irritations.


Why is Squalane not greasy?

Squalane can easily be absorbed and permeate into skin since it has very small molecular weight, 422.8 g/mol while Coconut oil has 701.5 g/mol. The bigger molecular weight, the greasier feeling it is. This is the reason that while you apply coconut oil you feel the oil is atop of your skin, never being absorbed. (If you would like to know more about this, please check our blog, What dermatologists won’t tell you about Facial Oil.)


What is the difference between Squalane and Squalene?


Squalane: Squalene derivative after hydrogenation process. It seals the skin to keep the hydration beneath the stratum corneum, building great barrier.

Squalene: has double bonds that protect the skin surface from lipid peroxidation while exposing to UV radiation.


Squalane: Very stable and inert

Squalene: Very unstable due to the double bonds. It oxidized easily and become yellow and smelly.


The graph 2 demonstrate very clearly below:

Squalane doesn’t have double bonds while Squalene has double bonds.


All kinds of skin types can use Squalane. We highly recommend people who have sensitive, dry, eczema-prone skin use Squalane.


Solo usage:

After cleaning the face, put one or two drops of Squalane in the palm. Then apply the Squalane on the whole face and neck.  

Mix with body lotion/cream:

Put certain amount of body lotion/cream in the palm. Then blend one of two drops of Squalane with the lotion/cream and apply to the body (arms, legs, back etc).

Cuticle and hand care:

Put two or three drops of Squalane in the palm, then apply on the hands or cuticles.

Makeup primer usage:

After daily routine, put one or two drops of Squalane in the palm. Then apply the Squalane on the whole face and let it sink for 1-2 minutes. Then apply foundation or follow your makeup routine.  


Please avoid to use the dropper touch anything, including the skin because the dropper may get contaminated, polluting the rest of Squalane in the bottle.


100% Squalane (ECOCERT natural and organic cosmetics)

Hey there, we would like to hear your opinions that make our products better

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