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What Do Beauty Bloggers Have To Say About SHRAY? (Promo Code Inside!)

by Cindy Sim |  | 63 comments

Since our launch in 2015, beauty and skincare enthusiasts all over the world have been buzzing over our thin, custom cut, hydrating sheet masks. Let's see what these beauty experts have said about our unique masks so far:

Queen Bee: Honey infused, acne treating mask for oily skin

"My skin is so soft and looks much calmer and less red than it did when I got up!" - @cheriwashere (IG)

"After going about my day normally, I noticed a significant difference in my oil production" - @bestofalissa (IG)

Ms. Amazing: Enriched with rice extract to shrink pores and fight dry skin

"Fits my face nicely and I enjoyed the lower half being left apart, so you can adjust it around your mouth . . . Absorbed fairly quick. No sticky or tacky residue." - @calireviewingmama (IG)

"I love how it made my skin plumped, bright and moisturized! Very soft to feel and finished nicely on my skin, also my pores shrank!" - @missbabakiss (IG)

Go Getter Goddess: Rose infused, anti-aging & redness reduction mask

"Extremely lightweight and after a few minutes, I forgot it was on my face! I kept the mask on for about 40 minutes and my face did not feel sticky when I removed it. This morning I noticed I had a more even tone and my skin looked and felt wonderfully soothed and moisturized from all that rose goodness." - @beautygrad (IG)

"These skillfully placed slits help to adjust to mask to one's face shape ... the serum used is also a pretty big deal. The smell is lightly fragranced to give one a whisper of roses that keeps one's skin glowing with vitamin C and tightens pores" - @thruylinhxd (IG)

There you have it

These are just a few of the many honest testimonials from real beauty experts about the magic of SHRAY masks. If you've still yet to try one ... what are you waiting for? And the good news is . . .

We are offering a 20% off discount code on all of our masks from today until Thanksgiving to give thanks from all the support you all have been showing us!

Apply thanksgiving16 at checkout . . . and share this with your friend so they can get a sweet deal on some sweet masks!

Comments (63)

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