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Healthy and glowing skin empowers you within and out.

Super Barrier Builder Duo set
Brings you healthy and glowing skin

Who are behind and What we stand for

Our Claim

We define our own “CLEAN BEAUTY”. Clean beauty should not limit us to vegan or organic ingredients, but safe and effective.
Chemistry is not secret, neither always bad. Chemists invent the chemicals to improve human life. And A good formula, like a harmony rhythm with NATURALS and SYTHETICS, delivers the best results after usage.

Our Mission

SHRAY, funded by a chemist and a doctor leveraging their knowledge, promises to bring you safe and effective products and to convey the correct information based in science.

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Why our products?

Good for you

As a formulator and a doctor, we know the ingredients very well and design our own formulas.

Made to perform

The portion of each ingredient is the key. And our products really do more with simple formula design.

100% transparency

We tell you the origin idea behind the product and guide you through all the elements,


We insist to have reusable or recyclable containers for SHRAY products.


The most effective way to level up the hydration of the skin in 20 minutes.

Routine essentials

Listen to your skin; give it what it wants